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Do Canadian Coins Still Jam Up U.S. Vending Machines?

I grew up in the Detroit area, which shares a border with Canada.  In Detroit, we frequently saw vending machine signs that prohibited the use of Canadian coins.  We were told that Canadian coins were magnetic and would get stuck in the vending machine, jamming them up.  Is that still true about Canadian coins?  If so, how do vending machines work in Canada?

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    Canadian quarters are mainly steel and attracted to magnets.  But wrong to say they are magnetic.  American quarters are mainly copper and not attracted to magnets.

    All countries calibrate their vending machines to take the local coins.  I saw on the new here in Canada they changed the make up of the $1 coin making it a different weight and it was going to cost the cities big money to change the parking meters.

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    In general, Canadian coins are the exact same size, and weight as US ones, but, they are not worth as much.  They work fine in vending machines, and we have no issues with them here in Canada.  But, using them means the owners of the vending machines lose money if you use Canadian coins.

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