Parking problems?

So I recently moved into a flat on a highstreet.

The flat is set back from the highstreet about 20metres or so and there are around 6 parking spaces between the highstreet and my flat that are perfect for parking (if I'm lucky enough to get a space, if not I park on the road and wait until ones empty). 

The problem I have is on the highstreet there is a business that gets rather busy, all the people that work there and sometimes customers seem to think they own these spaces and will proceed to block you in if you park there and just leave for the day. 

There are no signs up to state private parking and no indications as to why anyone else can't park there but they say they are specifically their spaces, what are my parking rights in this situation? 

Thanks in advance. 

1 Answer

  • Peter
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Speak with your local highways department, or, put up enforcement notices.

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