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what does Wienerschnitzel mean in German?

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Wiener Schnitzel or Weinerschnitzel  

    is the specialized food dish from Vienna, made from a thin slice of breaded veal.  

    "Breaded veal cutlets". 

    In German, it started as:  

    Eingebröselte Kalbsschnitzchen. 

    Wien (pronounced: VEEN) is the name of the city in Austria that we call Vienna, in English.  

    Wiener (pronounced:  VEEN-er) is the German way to say "a man from Vienna".  

    Wiener also is the masculine adjective for Viennese (something from Vienna).  

    Schnitzel comes from "schnitte" which means "a slice" of something.  Schnitzel is a diminutive form.    

    Schnitzel in Austria is a fried, breaded slice of meat (veal).  A "cutlet".  

    Schnitzel in Germany is any fried, sliced piece of meat, with or without breading.  

    Brot is the German word for bread.  

    Brotschnitte or Schnittbrot is a slice of bread.  

    A bread "cutlet" so to speak.  

    In all fairness and to end my talk in German, a Wienerin (pronounced:  VEEN-er-in) in a woman from Vienna.  

  • Rain
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    1 month ago

    The expression Wienerschnitzel is German. Wiener Schnitzel  is German for "Viennese cutlet."

  • Zac Z
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    1 month ago

    German person here.

    The answers of Erik Van Thienen and bluebellbkk* are very good. 

    Just wanted to add that a true Wiener Schnitzel is made from veal; however, in most places what is on the menu is "Schnitzel Wiener Art" (meaning Vienna-style Schnitzel) which is a legal way for restaurants to cover their aѕѕ when they serve a Schnitzel made from pork. It might be possible that some simple diners offer a Wiener Schnitzel that is technically not a Wiener Schnitzel because it's pork (I suppose as long as nobody sues them they'll get away with it).

    So, while you'll often hear people talk about Wiener Schnitzel or even order one in restaurants, you rarely ever get a true Wiener Schnitzel - at least not in Southern Germany where I live.

    One last addition: Wiener Schnitzel is basically the plain vanilla variety - the Pizza Margherita of Schnitzel. There are other varieties that come with sauces with mushrooms (Jägerschnitzel), onions and bell pepper (Zigeunerschnitzel), black pepper (Pfefferschnitzel), or a cream sauce (Rahmschnitzel).

    But the Wiener Schnitzel is the simplest one an therefore more frequently found on offer.

    * even though I've never heard the verb "schnitten" - there's "schneiden" and "schnitzen"; maybe "schnitten" is regional or archaic, maybe bluebellbkk mistyped. I'm sure you'll find the etymology of "Schnitzel" easily on the web.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Wienerschnitzel IS German.  What language would you like it translated to?

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  • 1 month ago

    "Wiener schnitzel - meaning 'Viennese cutlet' - is a type of "schnitzel" (a thin slice of meat fried in fat) made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet."

  • 1 month ago

    The word IS German. You really want to know what this word  means IN ENGLISH.

    It's a fillet of veal (sometimes pork, which is cheaper, but veal is traditional), beaten out flat, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs, and fried in bubbling oil.The "Wiener" part means it's from Vienna ("Wien)". The verb "schnitten" means "to cut". It's a "Viennese cutlet".

  • 1 month ago

    Vienna sausage


  • Jolene
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    1 month ago

    Veal that is breaded and fried.

  • Petter
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    1 month ago

    "Schnitz" is to cut, so probably like a cut (of meat) from Wien (Vienna)

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