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How can people say that their weight snuck up on them?

Before anyone thinks it, I'm not trying to be judgmental. I'm a guy in my late 20s and recently lost 25 pounds with a goal to lose another 10. But as I gained the weight, I knew the whole time. I'd go to put on pants I wore last month and they wouldn't button or the fact that I'd have to suck in my stomach to see where my belt buckle was. Things like that. Are the people who say they didn't know they were getting fat just completely unaware of themselves? Is it possible to be so oblivious or is it denial?

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    I don’t know how you can be unaware. You can’t put on a significant amount of weight (20+ lbs.) without noticing as it’s happening. If you don’t see it in the mirror (you’d have to be blind), you’re definitely feeling it in your clothing, especially in the waistline. The “snuck up on me” excuse doesn’t fly. Some people can tell a difference when they’ve gained as little as five lbs.

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    They're not lying, you can't see small incremental changes like that and if your pants are elastic or loose already you can't measure it against anything. It's a perceptual bias, like a frog being slowly boiled. I lost 12 pounds once after having the flu and kept it off and had no idea until I got a new scale. [I don't weigh myself regularly.] I couldn't see it in the mirror and my clothes seemed the same (they weren't tight to begin with).

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    Denial.  It's surprising how many people complain about the laundry shrinking their clothes!

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