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How can you get rid of anxiety without medication ?

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    There is a world of anxiety self-help online. There are also guided meditations on YouTube for help with anxiety.  You can listen to the meditations at night when you go to bed.  Take care

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    Cognitive behavior therapy, in which you learn coping skills, what you specific triggers are, and desensitize yourself to those triggers.

    Four to six months of weekly meetings and your own work in between can be a huge change to your day to day life.

    You may need medication at first, temporarily, to allow you to do the desensitizing exercises, but long-term medication is not the solution for anxiety. CBT actually works.

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    Medication is a start to correct the imbalance so that therapy can teach skills to identify red flags and triggers, tools like meditation and breathing exercises to deescalate the attacks, as well as ways prevent forms of anxiety.  Then, the meds are no longer needed so you could study those topics and work hard at it without the meds at all.

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    1 month ago

    Music. And change of thought.

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