2016 ford fusion sync trouble..Help!?

Thanks for reading. We own a 2016 ford fusion and cant sync our phones, we cant preform a master reset bc we cant access the correct screen. When we press the media or phone buttons it shows what appears a fuse with the word sync. We have undone the black battery cable, removed and replaced the fuse (not new), nothing is working. Have looked up numerous videos but none help bc we cant get to sync media screen with options.  Want to avoid the dealership, someone plz help!!!!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Press Menu, Sync Media press Ok, scroll to System Settings press ok, scroll to Advanced Settings press ok, scroll to Master Reset press ok, scroll to Sync Reboot press ok.

    If there is nothing showing when you press Menu, screen has the "screen of death".  Pull a control panel from a junkyard.

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