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Can someone give me a list of non sport martial arts styles?

Im looking for something that will keep me alive on the streets and i feel like the sports variation limits you because of all the rules. Also i know people will say bring a knife or gun but i have always wanted to learn martial arts.


Also im looking for a martial art style that prepares you for fighting dirty like strikes to the throught, knee, groin, pressure points, nerve strikes, knives and gun disabling.

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    If you want to learn practical self-defense, you DO NOT look to the name of a style of martial art. The style tells you nothing about whether you will be trained properly.  It is the teacher that determines whether or not you get the proper training, and not all teachers (in any subject) are created equal.  Think back to all the teachers you ever had in school or otherwise. Were they all equally good? Or were some (probably most) a waste of your time?

    The same applies to martial art teachers and even more so because the martial art scene is riddled with fakes and scammers, and plain bad teachers.  It does not matter what style of martial art a fraud or incompetent teacher teaches; it is not going to help you in a self-defense situation and more likely it will get you serious injured or killed.

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