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Can the police or the FBI trace your ip address if your using an VPN and public wifi?

So I've made some mistakes on here and online. I got a few people mad and so they're planning on reporting me to the FBI. I got mad and made threats. I even regretfully mentioned that I left the state while out on bond. My bond conditions says nothing about prohibiting me from leaving the state. I did all of this while on an VPN. Some of it I even used public wifi along with my VPN to post these things. Can they trace these things back to me if I was using an VPN and public wifi ??

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    Almost all internet providers log IP addresses and internet activity. Those logs would show what other websites you connected to but wouldn't have a log of what you did on those sites. If you were running through a VPN, then those log files would only show a single connection to one computer and no other sites or activity. Any log files would be stored on the VPN server unless the VPN your using has chosen not to have any log files.

    However, if you made statements in a public forum on other websites, they only have to go to those places or look at the data from those websites. Whatever identity you used in those places could eventually be traced back to you without the need for an IP address.  To give a rough example. If you log into this website from home and create an account and then on the day in question you were connected to your account but from a different IP address and location, the records on this web server might lead them eventually to your home IP address or the last place you connected without a VPN.

    On the websites I manage, I know the IP address of every connection made to that site. It's how we stop hackers and ban IP addresses of users who abuse our systems. If I got a warrant to give the FBI or Police the IP addresses used by a specific user in my system, I have the log files to be able to do that. Now, if that IP address led to a VPN server, they would then have to get a warrant for the log files of that server. All VPN providers that are in the United States are required by law to have these log files. VPN providers outside the U.S. do not. (Express VPN has 0 log files) VPN providers that have no log files, simply have that service turned off and don't track IP's at all. So even if a warrant was successfully served, there would be nothing there to give them. 

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    Yes all communication is visible!!!

  • Who
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    4 weeks ago

     easiest thing in the world

    (Under the "Patriot" act ISP and vpn providers MUST keep records and hand them over to the FBI if the FBI require them

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    Depends on the VPN provider, most state they dont log activity so they wont have records to hand over. those that keep logs do sometimes give details. So its pot luck if they cooperate. But if you did do anything illegal depends how much effort any legal authority wants to put in.. 

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    VPN puts your internet data through a secure line, that can't be traced. Pretty sure you can't leave the state if you're on bond. They might revoke your bond if they find out.

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    I understand how you feel, the feeling of guilty is overwhelming you. My friend did bad stuff before and unless it's really serious like stuff you will go to jail for, they won't care. Don't worry! Calm down and try not to worry about it. If you made threats you probaly

    would get banned from Yahoo Answers but will not be investigated by the FBI. By the way, the FBI only investigates very, very serious things. Other than that will be investigated by your local Police. My friend even made death threats but the FBI or local Police won't handle those cases. It will be handled by the app your are using example if it's yahoo answers then it will be yahoo who temporary ban you.

    Source(s): My personal experience
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    Whenever you are on the Internet you have a unique ID.  Authorities can trace anything back to a specific IP which would show when and where someone was connected.  But it won't show who.  For that the officials would need a court order for the establishment to release any details they have that could further identify you.

    Now, unless this is a very serious crime it is unlikely that they will go through this trouble.  

    However, if you are on Bond you are likely under provisions where they can search any electronic device you have at any time.  So if some of these people tipped off the authorities they could be coming after you that way.  

  • Bob
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    1 month ago

    The thing with Yahoo is that there are lots of users and many have the same username. Almost nobody here is using their real name (and if they are, they're a fool).

    If someone makes a post saying that user Bob is a complete idiot, it could be me or any one of the other Bobs here. Sure, it's *probably* about me but how can it be proven?

    There is a LOT of name calling and rudeness on this site but it should all be water off our collective ducks' backs. I don't think the FBI are going to be interested if you've insulted someone on Yahoo.

    If you've talked about plans for bomb making or any other illegal activity then you may have something to worry about but bottom line is if you're using a vpn on public wifi, the chances of them being able to identify you are microscopic. Unless you're making posts about committing murder or terrorism etc, the FBI are not going to waste time and resources trying to identify you.

  • Robin
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    1 month ago

    stop look at child porn and you wont have an issue

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, but considering it as empty threat, they will not waste their time and resource on that.

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