What Zodiac Sign Does She Sound Most Like  ?

She is cheerful, friendly, dreamy

She has cute  personality too and funny 

She  laugh loudly but  sometime giggle 

She can be crazy  sometimes 

She is simple minded and easily touched 

She is peace  maker and  mediator for others 

She is a good listener  and she is care taker 

She  is  nonsencial and love  to joke 

She can be disturb 

She is indecisive too

She  is care taker 

She is nuturing 

She will protect the guy she love 

She is very kind even a jerk she  also don't want to  hurt 

She has big hearts  and give the guy space

She does NOT mind sharing spot light 

She is responsible, like sharing 

She love feeding   animals even stray cats

She is quiet, sweet , soft , warm hearted , intuitive, peaceful 

She is NOT money minded

She does NOT  judge others by apperance 

I know it depends on whole chart  I just want to know which sign she sound more like  

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    Pisces, for sure.

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    No one is ONE Sign.

    Everyone has ALL 12 zodiac signs in their personal unique birthchart. What you are calling her "zodiac sign" is only her Sun sign, and just 2% of her entire birthchart.

    Also, all that astrology indicates is how we will likely be INSIDE if we do nothing to change or grow. So it is not very good at describing external behaviors, which is all you have given us.

    If you want to use REAL astrology - and not just the commercial gimmick of "Signs", find out the exact moment she was born and enter that - along with the full birthdate and the place of birth - on any website that does free birthchart calculations. I recommend either alabe or cafeastrology.

    Don't bother with Sun sign astrology. It's not real astrology.

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