Would you still want to go to Disney World when it reopens on Saturday, even though things will be different there?

Disney World reopens on Saturday July 11th and because of the Coronavirus pandemic, things are going to be very different. Here are a few things that I've know of that are going to be different at Disney World for now:

1. You have to get your temperature checks in order to get, but if your temperature is higher than 1000.4, you can't get in.

2. You have to wear a face mask.

3. No park hopping, meaning that you can't go from one park to another in one day. You have to make reservations first to enter to a park.

4. No character meet and greets, meaning that you won't be able to meet and hug Disney Characters.

5. No parades, fireworks, or nighttime shows.

And also, they cancelled Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Boo to You Parade. Not sure about Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed if they don't cancel it too.

Anyway, even though things will be different at Disney for now, would you still wanna go to Disney World or wait until everything returns to normal when the Coronavirus ends?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago
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    I've watched a couple of livestreams of people in the parks and honestly I think my issue would be outside of Disney more than in.  I'm no virologist, but I am kind of paranoid about the virus.  And Disney seems to be taking a lot of precautions.  First thing is that the park looks empty!  The livestreams show almost no one there.  This is because they're limiting entry to the park.  People walk down some of these pathways and there's no one there, or maybe one or two parties of people further down the path.  So that's really safe.  The employees are all wearing masks, and in some cases face shields as well.  For lines they've got social distancing markers put up which are sometimes more than six feet apart.  In some places they've restructured their lines so that people don't have to pass other people as they approach the ride.  When they do have to potentially pass other people they've often put up plexiglass barriers between the rows to reduce infection.  On the actual rides themselves they seem to be social distancing.  On Kilimanjaro Safari, where people sit in a truck, they've put up plastic dividers between each row of seats.  On Jungle Cruise, they've roped off the center seating in the boat so that guests aren't directly facing other guests.  On Splash Mountain they're putting at least one row between each party of guests and sometimes sending the boats out with only one party in them. Sanitizing the rides between use seems to be iffy.  I've seen some videos which show cast members sanitizing rides between uses, but I've seen others where one batch of guests seems to leave the ride and then the others are loaded inside with no sanitization.  The restaurants have switched to disposable menus, eliminated buffets, and done socially distanced seating.

    From what I've seen I think I'd feel pretty safe in the park.  I'd probably feel safer than I do grocery shopping.  Remember that we catch the disease from other people.  Some of the horror at Disney reopening seems to be based on regular crowd size.  But the numbers I've seen in the videos are a fraction of a regular day.  That really reduces the risk of transmission.  Disney is also mandating that every guest wear a mask at all times except when eating or drinking.  They've even, apparently, banned some mask styles which are less effective.  One of the other big risk factors for catching the disease is being inside.  The virus has a harder time spreading outdoors, and air systems in some buildings may help spread the virus.  But in Disney much of your time is spent outside.  The inside rides are ones that you'll take for maybe 10-15 minutes at most and then leave. 

    I'd be more worried about outside the park, and that's what would stop me.  Florida is experiencing the worst outbreak in the US, at least in terms of rapidity of spread.  In Miami, which admittedly is a different part of the state, over a quarter of covid tests are coming back positive.  The other day, Florida had 15,000 positive tests, which is more than New York had at the height of the outbreak there.  The Governor of Florida continues to refuse to order people to wear masks.  So if I could teleport into the Magic Kingdom or Epcot I think I'd feel safe.  But what I'd be worried about is getting there and staying in the hotels and getting meals outside the park. 

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    NO NO NO FOR ME.  

  • 5 months ago

    Sorta. I'm such a big fan, I'd want to be there under any circumstances but just don't have the funds to go right now

  • 5 months ago

    Given that under the Idiot DeSantis, Flortida is experiencing a massive surge in Covid cases, anyone going to a theme park has to be a flat out moron and sociopathic monster to go to any such place with crowds.

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  • 5 months ago

    No thanks.......

  • drip
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    No. It is expensive to go to WDW.  I would Not go with all the rides and shows they had to cancel. 

  • Robert
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    5 months ago

    May as well go there while the opportunity exists.   The parks could get shutdown again.   Everybody is going to get Covid-19 eventually. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Not going because the virus is too difficult to contain.Millennials are annoying because they think technology will fix everything.The flying car has replaced heavenly angels because they are alike.Nobody has seen one but soon they will be everywhere.

    Private space travel will end when rich millennials get blown up.If CEOs are masters of the universe and deserve their pay then Robert Iger should have seen this coming.

    Instead he caused terror and panic on Disney/ABC news and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay under the Patriot Act.Joe Biden is useless unless he surrounds Wall Street with tanks and helicopters recalled from the Middle East.

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  • 5 months ago

    No. Right now I wouldn;t want to be anywhere in Florida.

  • MS
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    5 months ago

    None of that would necessarily stop me from going.  But I'm trying to avoid crowds right now so I wouldn't visit in the near future.  I don't think this virus is going to "end," but hopefully it dies down and things return to a little more normal at some point in the near future.  Then I'd consider going.

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