True story entertainment time!!! Blast from the past!! AHHH!! The memories!!!!?

Make me wanna cry!! Ok so lets get to it.

This happened around 2002 to 2003 ish.

That's when he told me the story. But the actual incident that he was referring to occurred at least 20 years before that around 1980ish.

Ok so I was at the chiropractors for a leg injury. The treatment went from September of 2000 to about November of 2004. Well over 4 years. In 2001 just about a year after I started going there an old new employee started working there. An old guy aged 70ish who just started work there. Little did I know he would be telling me amazing things that happened to him.

He was not the main doctors over there. He did not write reports at all. He simply adjusted the electro stim to my leg and checked up on me every 20 minutes or so.

This story occurred in van nuys California.

However 20 years prior to that this guy was a doctor to the stars in los angeles where he had his practice. I had so many conversation with him over a two year period. He was only there from 2001 to 2003.

One time he told me this organized crime guy(Italian) just walked into his office and put a huge revolver to his head! Told this chiro fiend of mine that he knows where he lives(reads out his address), shows him a picture of his daughter and wife, and tells him point blank from now on you pay me this much each month when I walk in to collect. The chiro friend told me he told the guy with the gun kill me if you want but im not paying you.

He told me all his other doctor friends did pay.


He told me his other friends who were doctors(almost all jewish) absolutely paid up. Said they were scared. The crime guy had been following them for weeks plus he had backup was part of an organization not the mafia but a small time crew that were criminals.

Update 2:

I'm sorry the Italian guy stuck a gun to his head in the late 70s early 80s. He told me about it in 2002 after he knew me more

Update 3:

Man those other doctor friends of his were scared sh!tless. As soon as they saw a picture of their family and felt the gun to their head they froze. And they paid as this guy would  come by to collect. My guy was telling me how rich these guys were from collecting. They were richer than the doctors they were shaking down.!!! lol!!

Update 4:

As I was hearing this incident a part of  me was smiling and thinking this is EXACTLY what I wanna do in life!!!  Be a rich jewish doctor?? NO!!!! Be the organized crime guy SHAKING them down!!!! LOL!!! I couldn't contain my glee as i'm hearing this story from the 1970s to 1980s!!!

Update 5:

I really wanna get a hold of this guy really badly if he is still alive. He was near los angles last I spoke to him in 2010. He was 67 when he started in the place where i was in 2001. He was 69 in 2003 when he left. He was about 75 or 76 in 2010 when I last saw him. He would be 85 now I guess. I want that story on tape. lol.  

Update 6:

For weeks after I heard this, I would be thinking about it all the time. Eventually I only thought about it every few months but I never forgot about it. This had a huge impression on me for many years to come and contributed to my present mindset that if you wanted something and were willing to use violence INTELLIGENTLY, and that's the key, intelligently, that it could be done! Those Italians were living proof.  What a profound impact this made on me!

Update 7:

I made this guy tell me this story several times again. I heard it  first in 2002, then in 2003 when he was about to leave that office, then again in 2010 when I bumped into him taking a walk near van nuys blvd during his lunch break. The story stayed consistent. About how big the gun was, how he felt at the time(tiny)!!! About how all his other friends were scared and paid up!! The way the guy was reading off his notes, the addresses and names and locations of family members, the pics shown.

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    I see a lot of English words here, and some of them are even in sentences.  What I don't see is a question.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Story time?  Guns in faces?

    I was in my 20's living on a ship docked in Portland, Maine.  One of the crew calls - they are in a bar on the Portland waterfront.... the bad side.... and he needs $30 to pay a pool bet or they will hurt him.  I had never been to the bar but I knew the area was not good.  I am around 5'10' and 112 lbs, stick thin, and not tough.  I did grab my 1911 battle rattle 45 pistol before leaving the ship.  I arrive at the bar and the place has a line of 15 to 20 motorcycles in the front.  I almost lost my nerve, but, I walked in.  A big guy looks me over, laughs, then points me to the back.  I spot my friend and he looks very relived to see me.  

    I take out my wallet and say, "Who do I pay?"  He points to another guy all in black leathers and is 200 times tougher than me.  I put three $10 bills on the pool table, look at my idiot fellow shipmate and tell him, "Let's go"

    Another guy reaches over and pull my wallet out of my left hand saying, "Hey, lets see what else is in there".  And then I did something stupid.  Something I had never done in my life.  Something I had not even thought of every doing.  I pulled the 1911 pistol out and put it into his ear.  Ya know how in the movies all the music stops, people stop talking, and stare?  Nope.  None of that happened.  I took hold of his vest or shirt (I cant remember) and led him to the door the whole time with the pistol stuck in his ear and my finger on the trigger.  We get the door and nobody in the bar is acting like its a big thing at all.  We are out the door, moving fast toward my van - nope, nobody comes running out the door after us.  Later on he tells me everyone in the bar started laughing when we went out the door.  I never heard, all I could hear was the blood rushing in my ears.  

    I have spent allot of time thinking about that night.  I hate myself for pulling the gun out.  I had maybe $40 or so in the wallet.  Certainly not worth shooting someone over!!  The drivers license and military ID were easily replaceable.  If I were a cat - I think I would have used up one of my nine lives that night.    

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    4 weeks ago

    Will there be a test 5 years from now? At least I asked a question.

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    4 weeks ago

    This speaks volumes about you as a person, your only take away from the story he told you was that you wanted to become a criminal and steal from hard working people who earned their own money.

    Source(s): You're a worthless human being, kill yourself.
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    4 weeks ago

    This is not yahoo story telling...

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    is the answer poodles?

  • Is there a question hidden in that ridiculous story?

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