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How can I help my face?

I was riverrafting recently and my face is kinda burnt and dry

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    You probably have a combination of sun and wind burn. I had that once and it was miserable. Here's what outdoor guides have to say about sun and wind burns: If you have a fever aches and chills or your skin is weeping fluid see the very important paragraph  first.

    If you have redness swelling and the skin is peeling take anti inflammatory medicine such as advil or Motrin. Do NOT use Tylenol or acetaminophen, it does nothing for inflammation. Wash your face gently with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Aloe Vera Juice straight from the leaf of the plant will reduce redness, promote healing and moisturize. Don't use Aloe Vera sunburn gel from the drug store, many of these have more alcohol, color, fragrance and dye than Aloe Vera. When the soreness and redness are gone use a thin application of plain Vaseline before bed to  give your skin a moisture barrier and allow it to heal. Don't use Vaseline in the day, it attracts and hold dirt. After a week of Vaseline you skin should be mostly normal. It takes about two weeks overall to recover from an outdoor burn.VERY IMPORTANT: If your skin turns hard and crusty, it you develop swelling on the throat, armpit or groin, if you get chills and a high fever or if your skin starts weeping fluid then you have a serious infection. Aloe won't help, get to a doctor.

    Next time you are in the sun, water and wind use a moisturizing barrier type sunscreen on your face. Banana Boat baby faces forms a barrier of protection and is hypoallergenic and is usually unscented. It does leave a bit of a white cast to the skin but that's how it protects. Hawaiian Tropic has some good sunscreens that aren't greasy and offer good protection. Get an SPF 30 and apply frequently when rafting, hiking, water skiing or boating. 

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