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What is the most powerful bolt action rifle that has no more recoil than a 12 gauge shotgun?

What is the most powerful rifle that has no more recoil than shooting a 12 gauge shot gun with a dove load

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  • Adam D
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    Are you asking for a comparison that is absolutely apples to apples here?  That would be hard to do, since the weight of the rifle plays a big role in felt recoil, you would need data from guns of the same weight.  This also means if you want less recoil in any given caliber, get a gun with a heavier stock - though the downside is you have to lug it around.

    A brief bit of Googling indicates a reasonably light 12 gauge load would be comparable to a .308 in guns of somewhat similar weight.  But the devil is often in the details, and most of the information I see seems to be lacking those.

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