Those of you who got a certificate instead of a degree, what job do you do now?

I have an associate's in english but wanted to go back to school for something else. I realized I don't want to be a teacher or writer. Not sure if the certificate or degree route would best for a different major? Can you excel in your career with a certificate alone? What are the salary differences between a degree and a certificate?

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  • Stella
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    1 month ago
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    I don't have a certificate but I think you would be better off pursuing a degree.

    A certificate usually includes the technical parts of the specialization without most of the basic classes, like English or history.

    But since you already have a two year degree you have those basically completed anyway.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    certification classes like those 9 month course to a job -- SUCK 

    they cost way too much

    the job field is saturated with past graduates who cannot find jobs 

    with so many grad every year in the cert class pay is low 

    I suggest you go to temp service they find you a sorted choices of places to try and one will spark your interest 

    on the job traing is the only real valued rtrainign

    if you can spell and build strutd tecxt (and tyope) you can find many enegnerrs or business owner like my selkf who cannot spell or tyep who can yuse your english skills

    I did bnot spell chack this to show you how bad I am at it ,, but I am worth 2 million doalars wotha 12th grade eduataiton -- while tuping is the biggest problem my gramar ands speking is poor,, it is nto a skill that will get you 6 figirte jobs but it is what you have ,, tiume is valueble waste no more of it on clases you are not sure you need 

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