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Question about a potentially hurtful tattoo. ?

I've been debating getting a tattoo for a long time, I have a couple already but all of which are from my own culture, I.E symbols writing and the like. I was wondering if it would be considered racist or ignorant to get a Geisha girl tattoo on my wrist, thanks for any responses :D 

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    no it wouldn't and get it if you want it

  • 1 month ago

    There is a difference between appropriation and appreciation. I have Japanese writing on my foot with a beautiful fan next to it. I'm Hawaiian/white mutt. I was steeped in the culture from a very young age, as many Hawaiians grew up with Chinese, Japanese, and/or Filipino foods, entertainment, music, culture in general. I love Japanese culture, foods, anime, movies, music, everything, but again, it's how I grew up. I don't consider my tattoos or love of the culture appropriation, because I can back it up. BUT, if I were to wear kimono, talk in a very bad accent, and pretend to be Japanese? That's ALL BAD! I don't do that. I appreciate the culture without insulting anyone.

    I really don't think a tattoo is going to insult anyone and is a nice homage to what you like. Just be sure to back up what you get, ANY tattoo, because some jerk might ask why you have it. I have a Hawaiian tribal around my wrist and have been asked from time to time why I have it. When I state what I am and my family, they shut up, LOL. 

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