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Throat issues for 3 months - please read symptoms ?

I am not asking to be diagnosed as I know this is yahoo answers not my Dr. Just looking to see if anyone has experienced anything similar and what the outcome was. 

3 months ago I had the feeling of something being stuck in my throat, I had tonsils stones and had a big one where I felt like something was stuck but it is gone now. Since then I’ve still had the feeling of something being stuck there. My tonsils are a bit inflamed/swollen and that area of my throat always feels dry, even after having a drink it feels like that part of my throat doesn’t get touched by my drink. I also have an extra fold / pocket of skin tucked behind my tonsil on this side, never noticed it until I first started getting the symptoms about 3 months ago. 

The last 2 weeks I’ve had a sore throat especially on that same side, I’ve also got a swollen lymph node On my neck on this side (had blood tests taken which came back normal) the swollen lymph node hasn’t exactly gotten much bigger (nothing drastic anyway) but I’m now getting these sharp pains every now and then in my throat (same side) and sometimes in the ear on this side too. Also keep getting random one off hiccups and I’m concerned there may be some sort of tumour or blockage in my throat. 

Has anyone else experienced anything like this and turned out to be something not serious? After looking through google everything seems to say cancer and it’s hard not to think the worst!! 


I am going to make an appointment with my doctor towards the end of this month, I just cannot get the time off work until then. Hence why I’ve posted here - troll answers will be ignored 

Update 2:

Lan - shut up, I wouldn’t lie, have you tried seeing a doctor during this PANDEMIC? Especially for a throat problem!!!!! Fuckin stupid **** go suck dad’s dick

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