how to test glucose monitor?

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  • I bought a monitor that I thought was off. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a little bottle of test solution. My meter was fine. Here's why...

    In the US, glucose meters are considered clinically accurate if the result is within 20 percent of what a lab test would indicate. That is a BIG range (example: If your blood sugar is 100 mg/dL, your meter could read anywhere between 80 and 120).

    The meter I was having trouble with was a CVS brand. When I asked about accuracy, they asked me if I was using it right. I thought I was because I was using it exactly the same as my One Touch. Turns out I was wrong about that. You hold the One Touch horizontally and kind of slide the strip into the blood drop. For the CVS meter, you hold it vertically with the strip pointing up and just touch a tiny drop to the strip. All of a sudden that meter matched the One Touch. So yeah, read your instructions!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It comes standardized. Can compare it with lab reports.

    If asking about about how to do glucose test. Then watch a video of the glucose monitor device. Insert the strip to device first then use lancer to get blood, massage finger to push out more blood, collect blood drop on the tip of strip, it will show the reading. 

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