Does my dream mean anything? Male teacher had cancer and then I found out that it was my dad who had cancer?

So I had a dream that my college male teacher had cancer. 2 days late r I had a dream that I was dreaming about my male teacher having cancer because I heard my parents talking about my dad having cancer. So I confronted my parents and they said it was true and that my dad didn’t want to tell anyone because he’s depressed and wanted to die. Then I was crying that he was dying and I couldn’t tell anyone. I then woke up. None of them have cancer in real life. I wonder what it means.

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    The dream might mean you think the teachings are the problem but the real problem is the condition of your heart - something in your heart isn't right and until you fix that - the teachings you encounter will not make sense 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Consider the position of love all of these people hold for you in your own heart.  Likewise you love them, and death would come way too soon to take them away from you.  So the dream is showing you how much you really cherish all of them, and the sorrow that would come if they lost the battle with a disease. 

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