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Is it possible that I’m pregnant? ?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend for the first time (no birth control, no condom) but he pulled out. We’ve never used the pull out method as prevention per say but he thinks it’s fine that we did. I feel paranoid that I might be pregnant. I looked at my period tracker and saw that I’m fertile this week and ovulating today or tomorrow (I had sex on Monday). Should I get Plan B? Should I be worried that I’m pregnant? 

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Yes - you should be very worried that it is already too late.

    Period trackers ARE ONLY GUESSING.  Ovulation can be early or late during any cycle for any number of reasons.

    Sperm can live for up to five days and wait on your egg.

    You may have ALREADY OVULATED.


    NO MAN is EVER good enough at pulling out to guarantee no pregnancy.  Pulling out is not birth control.  Pre ejaculation CAN contain sperm.  It only takes ONE SPERM.

    You could take plan B and hope it isn't too late - but if you ovulated early - the egg is already fertilized.  Plan B works by delaying ovulation - it can't undo what is already done.  

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    4 months ago

    Yes, get Plan B.

    About a third of all men have live sperm in their pre-ejaculate, which he deposited even if he withdrew before the main event. Those live sperm can get you pregnant.

    Please don't take this risk again.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes, it's possible

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