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I need advice about my hampsters?

I was sold two baby hampsters, they called them Chinese dwarf hampsters. I had done a lot of research and was ready to put in the work to house them together.

I was wondering what species you think that actually are because it has been brought to my attention that Chinese dwarf isn't a real breed and that Chinese hampsters don't get along

They have gotten along for the 4 weeks I've had them and seem to have decided who is in charge without fighting. They will soon be moving into a two floored cage both levels being 450 square inches. Do you think I should separate them at this point or just keep observing? They seem some what attached to each other, is that just because they are still young?

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    Dwarf hamsters can often be kept in same sex pairs as long as they have enough space. Just do keep an eye out and be prepared to separate them if they begin to fight. Keep a second cage available just in case. 

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    Well hamsters (no p) are more independent and better alone in a cage.

    They may play well together in a community play area where they don't eat and sleep.

    If any fighting to the point of blood, they must be separated.

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    I would separate them. There are cases where they do just fine together but they are more likely to fight than other dwarf hamsters. 

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