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Yahoo, is it a violation to comment on a question that you reported it ?

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    If all you post is 'reported' or something similar, that is a non-answer violation. If you give a reasonable answer to the question asked, and include that you've reported it, that's not a violation but there's no reason to tell a user you reported them (and it comes across somewhat immature). It MAY be helpful (esp to the newbies) if you explain that their question is a violation, and why (so they may avoid making the same mistake in the future). 

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    Not specifically, unless the comment is a violation on its own.

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    1 month ago

    Strictly speaking (" Barney Fife" ) yes, as you are not answering the question.

    In practice, some of us do appreciate it when people are reminded that the question violates the guidelines ( wrong language, about the answerer, rant, etc)

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    Opinions on that are very divided. In my opinion it is a violation, but I have reported a question and then commented or answered that I had reported it. That makes me a hypocrite. I didn't bother to see if the question or my answer or comment was eventually deleted or not. I usually do NOT answer or comment. 

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  • No, as long as you comment on it before it is removed for a violation.  

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