Can I get a disability check for ADHD while I’m college? Does anyone know how I would go about this?

I’ve read that you can get SSI for ADHD (which I have along with documentation saying I have other unknown learning disabilities) What I’ve read says you have to prove it’s severe enough and take medication( which I don’t take any. I’ve been on and off different types my whole life so I have tried them but hate how I feel on them). I know I’m capable of handing a job by itself but when you add school to the picture I cant even handle two classes while working full time. I need a lot of time to focus on classes but I also need to be able to pay the bills. I need college to get into a higher paying job because working up won’t work for me (my disabilities make me unfit for a leadership position). I only want the SSI till I can make it through college but I don’t know if I even have chance to get it. Does anyone know more about qualifying for SSI or what I would need to apply (I just want a good enough paying job one day to support a family so if anyone has any other suggestions to help with my situation those are appreciated too) 

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  • 1 month ago

    Very, very unlikely. ADHD is normally not a qualifying condition by itself for disability benefits.  I don't know what you've been told, but simply having a college degree doesn't mean you're going to magically get a good-paying job. You still have to start at the bottom at work your way up. 

  • VERY little chance of getting it.

    1. Diagnosis

    2. Under treatment, not necessarily medication

    3. Unable to do a menial labor job due to ADHD

    4 .Dmonstrate college readiness(approved entrance)

    5. able to work at specific types of jobs you could become qualified for

    You'd have to have a sympathetic judge. It would NEVER be approved first go round. You might have graduated by then.

  • 1 month ago

    really???????  if you are able to go to college, you do NOT have a severe learning disability or severe ADHD that makes you unable to work.

    SSI is only for SEVERE disabilities.  ADHD should rarely qualify, most kids on SSI for it are fraudulently collecting benefits because their parents exaggerated the symptoms.

    you only need to take medication IF the medication improves the condition to the point you can work.  I hate how i feel is not a good enough reason to not take meds.  There would have to be documented side effects that makes the meds worse than the ADHD.

    Learning Disabilities based on the US definition should never qualify.

    even if they did, you would need an actual diagnosis, not 'unknown'

    do you need to work full time?  you may need to work part time and take a reduced class load.

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