Recommended courses when becoming an Environmental Lawyer?

I currently attend the university of Guelph in Ontario Canada, and would like some input as to which courses previous or current environmental lawyers found helpful. I am going into second year and am enrolled in the environmental sciences program. I have just chosen Environment and Resource management as my major, from a choice of 4 (environmental science, Ecology, Environment and Resource management or Environmental Economics and Policy). I had previously asked a question regarding help on choosing a major, and had mixed responses. I ended up choosing the ERM major, as it has the most opportunity for electives as well as it requires me to take many geography based courses such as Mapping and GIS, Geomorphology.. etc. I can still change my major, however I believe that with more freedom in my class schedule, I can take courses which experienced professionals (perhaps someone like you) recommend.... such as fluvial processes. If anyone has any valuable input, I would love to hear it! Thank you. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I said it before, and I'll say it again: you would be best off majoring in geology (which is *not* the same as "geography"!). Some chemistry is good, as well as some biology (human, population, and ecology), but I many times I wished I had had a better background in geology. 

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