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Help :( What’s wrong with my fish tank? ?

My 3 gallon betta fish tank has been cloudy for about two weeks since I did a water change. When I did the water change, I put water conditioner in the water, washed the decor, drift wood and substrate with hot water. I also have a filter for the water but it still is cloudy. 

I tested the water with test strips and it says the ph is 8.5 and the alkaline is really high. Do I do another water change or buy low mineral water? 

The drift wood has also been getting some white fungus on it but I read online that it’s completely normal and harmless so I left it for the most part but during the water change I did clean some off. 

I’ve been having bettas for 4 years and never experienced this problem and online recommends me to do about everything. Can anybody help me with this? 

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  • 1 month ago

    You need to test Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.  You may have cleaned too much at once, and it may have started a mini cycle.  If the test results are anything other then zero nitrite, zero nitrite, but Not zero nitrate, "you want nitrate to stay at 20-30 ppm or less but it will never likely be zero. 

    You should consider a larger tank of 5 gallons and up, The larger the tank, the more stable everything will be.  

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