Can you get into college with a good ACT score?

In school I didn't do so good but I did very well on my ACT and I'm confident that if I took it again and actually prepared for it I'd do incredible. So how important are your grades from school when trying to get into to college at 28 years old?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Your high school GPA is still more important than your SAT/ACT score because it reflects your on-going academic ability over several four across different subjects and teachers.  Yes, a strong ACT score along with an essay about how you've matured and will apply yourself might help -- if your application gets that far.  Many universities will sort out the low GPA applications without more than a cursory review because they have more than enough qualified applicants. 

    If your high school GPA is rubbish, I'd strongly encourage you to start at a community college.  If you have even a year's worth of CC classes with A's and B's, your high school GPA becomes much less relevant.  

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    1 month ago

    That's swell! You may go to college or university or community college to start cheaper. many options! Be aware of student loans so apply for a scholarship or grant. Get many help you need to succeed! 28 years old isn't too bad. I know a 40 years old who went back to college. 

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