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I'm scared of being fired everyday?

I want to learn a trade, a week ago I started with a company installing fire alarms. I told them I have zero experience and got me as a helper, I'm scared I'm not good enough, fast enough, not pulling my own weight, etc. Today they had me mounting junction boxes and boss saw me making a cut to a tile and told me to it a certain way, I did and the hole was slightly bigger for a smoke detector which I don't get that's how he said so. I was working fine alone, and made the cuts better, I seen to make more mistakes and am more clumsy with him or the others around watching me. Now I'm terrified that he'll say don't come back. How can I improve?

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    You're every new guy ever!  If the company has taken on people before with zero experience they know what to expect.  There's no way you'd be anything but slow the first week.  Do your best to take in advice and if you're not sure it's best to ask for clarification sooner rather than later.  You may eventually be let go, or not, but if you are you'll be taken up by someone else and your starting point will be that much better than the last time.  Honestly, I'm not sure how I wasn't fired from my first jobs!  (Okay, I do know because I've hired guys with zero experience and know what to expect, bvut beginners do some terrible things if you don't have eyes in the back of your head.)  Be glad that you're not my age and that it's not acceptable to give a "friendly" slap to the back of the head anymore.  You improve by "doing."  Start each action by asking yourself what's the end goal of the instruction.

    Go with the flow, ask for help sooner rather than later.  Critique stings and can be hard to take on board at first, so calm down before probing the thought again and then try to understand what's actually be said because what feels like "you suck" in the heat moment is almost always some specific information you need.  This is the only thing I'm sad about smoking not being common anymore.  It was such a good way to calming deliver feedback without emotions running high. And finally, if the worst comes to worst and you get let go it really isn't the end of the line.  You just dust yourself down again.

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    Memorize Ohm's Law and all the variations. You need an electrical instructor to teach you troubleshooting technique. Or you can go to the tech library and read for free. My DD-214 says related civilian occupation, Ordinance Mechanic but all I did was operate and repair the AN/SPG-51 C/D missile fire control tracking radar but it was doppler with CWI (continuous wave illuminator) injection, truncated paraboloid. Join the Navy and See the World.

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