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Is protecting your children's ego at all cost to others important if you want to be a good parent?

Isn't it better to make sure your kids have high self worth than to lower their self esteem and make them accountable for how they treat others? Is it good parenting to make sure your kids never "feel" bad, even if they become bad people?

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  • edward
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    6 months ago
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    Of course you always want to protect your kids.  Knowing things will come with age...they’ll learn the proper things to say eventually but what you want them to have is good self esteem not high self worth.  I’ve never thought i was too good for anyone else

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    People who teach their kids how to shirk the social responsibility of respect and decency towards others allow VERY evil people to go unnoticed/unaccountable, while the "group" focuses on "fixing" the victim, who isn't broken,... yet. 

    The movie "the bad seed" with a blonde "angelic little girl who gets away with murders, and "God" had to kill the little B*tch. IRL God saves almost no one, and you get what you get, no matter how ****** up and evil people's hearts have been allowed to become. Rape apologist Christians are a prime example of groups hiding and protecting evil that is powerful, and destroying the innocent, who SHOULD be free to live their lives in the pursuit of happiness. 

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    No.  What ever led you to this false premise has screwed up your understanding of parenting.  The idea behind building a child's confidence/character is so that they will be able to be more prepared for the instances when they feel bad, not to unrealistically believe you can protect them from feeling bad or facing consequences.

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    No. Stop reading current psychology books and go ask an old grandma. Or better yet, ask your trusted friends and neighbors how well behaved they think your kids are...hint if people can't stand being around your misbehaved kid, you are doing something wrong. And it is loving to discipline your kid. You are raising a better citizen and you may save their life one day...

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  • martin
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    6 months ago

    Self-esteem is a good thing to give your kids.  It should involve teaching on the laws and morals of the people in the community and country where you live.

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