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Buy a cheap refurbished PC tower?

I recently connected my laptop to my TV, and bought a wireless keyboard and had a blast! It felted as if my TV was a big computer! So I was wondering in just buying a tower and use my TV as the monitor (since I use my laptop on the go and it gets boring having to plug in and unplug it from the TV everytime). 

My laptop is Intel core i7, 500something GB storage ssd, 16GB RAM, Acer Spin 3, and that is what I am used to. Of course, if I am going to buy something cheap, I won't expect the same performance but I mostly want it to fulfill these requirements:

1. Boots up fast

2. Able to look up videos online

Also, the graphic cards doesn't need to be that high since I do not own a 4k tv. 

I was thinking of buying a refurbished one, but there are so many and I am unsure as to what I should choose. I was thinking of buying a tower around $300 but after looking at some refurbished ones online under $100, I do wonder if buying one of those could be a nice thing to do.

I basically am only going to use it to browse the internet and watch videos on the internet like YouTube or some TV shows. Nothing else.

So would a refurbished $100 tower be good enough for me???? 

Or should I buy newer, or more expensive?

Give PC towers suggestions if possible. Thanks In advance.

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    For the applications you suggest I would get an Amazon Firestick or similar for around $50.

    If your keyboard is Bluetooth, it will work with the Firestick.

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