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Can I still get unemployment? I'm unsure in my situation.?

I had a job at a skating rink which closed down because of the covid stuff. I hadn't been collecting unemployment since it closed because I had another job still paying me which was on campus at my college. Now I found a new job at Krispy Kreme and I feel kinda shitty because I think it would've been smarter to collect unemployment instead of getting a new job. I had thought about this before looking for a job but I just felt like I wanted to secure a new job anyway. Is there any way that I can still collect some unemployment? I am still out of work for the skating rink. I live in California btw. Thanks.


Also, I no longer have my on campus job that was paying me.

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    Unemployment is suppose to provide TEMPORARY assistance to people that suffer loss of income through no fault of their own, while they find a new source of income. By the letter of the law, if you CAN secure other income, and don't you are not eligible for unemployment. If the law was actually enforced as written, you would have to prove you were actively seeking a job to receive unemployment The moment you receive a job offer that you don't accept, or fail to demonstrate you are legitimately trying to get a job, you don't meet the legal requirement to  receive unemployment.

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    Now you are fully employed, so no, too late.

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    It sounds like you waited too long.  Anyway, you have another job.  Be satisfied that you are a contributing member of society.

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