1988 Law says apartments must work for a fair and reasonable fix for people with ADA in Housing and renting this a federal law ?

So why Is ADA not legal right for people with knee, and nerve, ack and other seen and not seen medical problems 


Under the law they need to know you have a medical condition not the details of it I was told this in 2015 by a Apartment Manager I was looking into their complex 

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    Reasonable accommodation is the key here.

    They are not required to install an elevator for you, or a chair lift. They can be required to place a small ramp if there is a step in the apartment, as it is not a major expense.

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    Because unless your doctor has put you onto official disability payments you're still considered able bodied under the law. 

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    Try writing something coherent.

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