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When will coronavirus end?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Never, maybe not even then. 

  • MARK
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    4 weeks ago

    As for the current situation who knows but most of us would like to know.

    It will never end as such. It is here to stay with us now. Before we can really start to live as we did before we will need the vaccine. Once we have that things should become a lot better. However, people will still catch Covid-19 and some will still die from it as with flu.

    The effect of the vaccine will have to be monitored. It is unusual for viruses not to mutate so it may be a case of having to alter the vaccine each year as happens with flu. Those who fall into susceptible groups will, therefore, need to be vaccinated annually as happens with the at-risk-of-flu groups.

  • jehen
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    4 weeks ago

    It will never end.  It is here to stay, but within a year the disruptions it has wrought will largely be over.  There will be a new normal.  The new normal will look like the old normal if vaccines and treatments work well enough to make it no worse than the flu.  But it is much much worse than the flu which typically sickens 50 million and kills 30,000 in a year.  COVID-19 has sickened only 3 million so far and killed 130,000

  • 1 month ago

    never, it will be with us forever, like the flu.  In my opinion, Vaccines will be developed but will be only partially effective and you will need an annual shot.  

    There will be controversy about the vaccine and many people will refuse it, and this is another factor in keeping the virus around. 

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