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Remember when Kaiba saved up his Blue Eyes White Dragons to make Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon???

Probably should have just played the dragons by themselves though.  Then Yugi would have had to stop him 3 times, not just once.  The previous 2 times Yugi had to go up against the Blue Eyes individually he needed Exodia to beat them the first time and then Kiaba had to hack the program the second time.  But as one single monster it was easier for Yugi to stop it.

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    pepperidge farm remembers

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    if you watched the anime it was shown yugi cannot lose literally. his puzzle changes fate (what he draws) to make him win. that's why he always pulled off some retarded crap for the win. and in the last episode kaiba won by default since the godess was ref and she said yugi  is technically cheating. from what i remember of course

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