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How easy is it to form a union in the event of hyperinflation in Florida?

If inflation goes fairly high, how hard would it be to form a union to make sure our pay keeps pace with the rising inflation?

The union would be a “local union” mostly comprised of workers in a few counties?

How hard would it be to form such a union?

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  • Scott
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    4 weeks ago

    You wouldn't be forming a union. Unions already exist, you would find one that is appropriate and join an existing local or start your own. It isn't easy, you would have to get a majority of workers at each separate company to vote in support of unionizing. First, find the union that represents your type of industry - Teamsters, food & beverage workers, whatever. Then, watch the movie Norma Rae. See if you think it's still worth trying.

  • 4 weeks ago

    A union is comprised of bargaining units. 

    The bargaining units are based on company and usually specific jobs.  Why is this?  Because if you are a lawyer then you are going to want different things than if you are a pet groomer. 

    The union contract is between a specific company and those employees. 

    Thus, it would be almost impossible to create your dream.

    If sounds like what you are wanting would be handled better as labor laws. 

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