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Drone flying question about where you can fly?

If you have a mavic mini and you live in an area where Airmaps has no circles on the map anywhere near where you live or want to fly does it mean that I can fly in that area with no problems?   This is of course following the FAA guidelines still of not flying over 400ft, not flying over people and following the other safety guidelines?

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    The Mavic Mini weighs less than 0.58 pounds, so actually the FAA does not consider it under their regulations.

    You only need to fly in a sensible manner, which the FAA guidelines lay out and not fly over 400ft.

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    You also have to worry about local ordinances, not just FAA-controlled airspace.

  • I can fly any drone or R/C aircraft I wish over my property;

    - it's not controlled airspace

    - it's in a valley (no radar coverage)

    - I have a few guests come here and bring their drones with them

    - the nearest anyone else might be to my place with similar equipment is 30 miles away so nobody is interfering with anyone else or their radio gear

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