my question should local parents have more say so in the local schools without federal or state mandates?

as well down size school district to local neighborhoods

it is a myth when they tell you big districts buy in quantity

I for years work in a industry that sold to schools and I can tell you,, this is a myth  

the cost of all the additional administration eliminates all any quantity buying gives them and they end up with lower quality for the dollar 


Robert your shared resources is a common idea and two schools share a music teacher gym, pool etc  .. but all beast see growth is the goal and this no longer is the way it is. YET I see music in schools and sports in schools as too costly. one a local school the parents would have to fund or not fund these luxuries .. as district grow they expand federal a state subsidies ,, thus the beast feeds it's self  -- thus parents who want to fund music, sports etc can pay for outside tax payer money 

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  • 1 month ago
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    Yes I think they should.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    More money is wasted in the education system than most other parts of government.  We spend more per student than almost anyplace else and we can read about the results in the police blotter in the local paper.   So far as cutting costs there is merit to some state mandates and since the rules don't change, one set of math books for the entire state might work.  Other reasons for a larger district might be sharing certain facilities for and music subjects.  Having a music teacher for one small district might not be as good of an investment as having two for a much larger district.  More than the social experiment that schools seem to have become, they should get back to teaching basic needed information, like learning basic economics and how over using a credit card is bad, rather than the social nonsense of teaching that credit card companies are bad because they gave you a card you can't afford.  The entire system should be redone and we should be able to have smarter students at much less cost per student.  I do disagree with you that smallest is best.  A medium size district  with full, shared resources seems like a good idea to me.  I do understand that you have less local control this way, but I think we have to be realistic in the cost/benefits.

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