Why wire transfer takes up to month to reach my account?

I am getting business wire transfers from america to my pakistan bank account. In 2019 i get lot of business wire transfers. And i always get them in 3 days. But after pandemic start. If my buyer send me business wire transfer it lost somewhere and then another buyer same country USA made payment to my account it also lost. And then after 1 whole month. Suddenly both payments came. And this happen many times in past 3 months. And when i asked my bank in pakistan. They have no knowledge about it. They said payment does not came through from USA. Once it came they will deposit it same day. And when i ask USA bank. They said payment sent successfully and it is paki bank fault. And nobody knows where the payment is in that main-time. Then i do a little research and my friend in pakistan from same city who own different bank but also get business wire transfers from USA. Complaints his payments also delayed up to 20 days sometime after. pandemic. Right now my most recent payment is also delayed it was made last and after 1 week and 4 days i still not got it. And not Usa and nor paki bank have info about it.  

so do any one knows. Whats going on ? And will this problem end in future ? 

1 Answer

  • Jay
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Your government is slowing down all foreign transactions in order to carefully scrutinize the accounts where the money is coming from...and to check up on you to see if you are doing anything unusual.  You need to check with the Governor of your Provence in order to get your restrictions on banking released.

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