When Eartha Kitt played Catwoman, did Adam West keep putting distance btwn them on screen bc he had to,or bc he wanted to?

I know that back in the 1960's,having interracial romances of any kind on tv were still highly frowned upon..I just wondered if it was the censors telling him to put some daylight btwn the two of them,or if he just didn't particularly like Eartha.

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  • 1 month ago

    It has been reported that the show dialed back the sexual innuendo between Catwoman and Batman when Kitt joined the show because of racial norms of the day.  Instead, the producers started trying to imply romance between Batgirl and Batman. 

    Did some quick googling and didn't find anything attributing it to anything by West himself.  If West had misgivings, it doesn't appear that he voiced them, and nobody's going to trash the man's memory at this point.

    IMHO, West was a better actor than people give him credit for.  He took a very campy role, got typecast, and struggled to get good work thereafter.

  • Kenny
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    1 month ago

    Why don't you think it was Kitt;s idea ?

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