Quitting after a month?

I’m planning on quitting my retail job only after a month of working. 

They aren’t providing me enough protection from COVID, they cut my shifts short (tell me to go home early), they’re very cheap about breaks (one 30 minute break that isn’t paid ONLY if I work more than 5 hours)! Also, there is NO break room! On my 30 minute break, I have to go all the way to the mall food’s court which is so loud and crouded! 

Anyways, I really want to quit and am not planning on putting this work experience on my resume. What kind of reason could I provide them? I really want my last 2 weeks to be at least bearable... 



Take into account that I’m planning on giving a 2 week notice because I’m not a horrible person, which is why I want a good reason to quit. I don’t want them to make my last 2 weeks a hell on Earth. 


Update 2:

Cutting shifts short is wrong! You don’t know if someone has a family to feed, a rent to pay. Being a full time employee and only getting 25 real hours a week is not okay. They purposely schedule way too many people only to tell you to come in later or leave earlier depending on the need. It’s wrong. Also, as I said, they aren’t providing me enough protection from COVID, which is very important because I still live with my parents! 

Update 3:

Also, I’m talking about a big retail store, not some local business that’s struggling because of COVID. They literally have a huge line at the front because they can only let a certain amount of people in. 

Update 4:



Update 5:

I’m in premed student with a high average, I’m not going to work in retail forever lol.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Hello. All of this is one hundred percent standard for the type of work you're in. There is never an hour paid break for less than 5 hours worth of work. unless you're in the 6 figures or higher arena. Every retail and restaurant on the living planet schedules high and tapers down. Everything you say is typical of peoples first 5-10 jobs, especially in the retail/ restaurant industry. If you don't plan on using this on you resume, just simply finish out the schedule you currently have. You can call them up and simply say, your last scheduled day, is your last day. If they insist you honor two weeks, than follow through on that. But honestly, they plan for this. If you haven't been liking it here, they can pick up on it and might be surprisingly relieved to bring on someone who will enjoy their company. You can't expect Grade A treatment and privileges in this income bracket and line of work. There's always first jobs. "they always suck", because they know the people doing them think they are entitled to more than they are, thus the pay and treatment are in accordance. There's millions of jobs. People come and go all the time. Your absence or presence will not be a deal breaker. You can simply say you're focusing on school or got another opportunity that suites your long term goals better. There is a chance that GASP.... they don't think you're a gem either, and may be pleased at the news of your parting.  : )  

    P.S. Your break time and privileges will always be directly proportionate to how much money you bring to a company.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Sorry to hear this.

    Have you ever thought about bringing ur own lunch to save money???

    BTW, i'm assuiming you are un your 20's??? I'm shocked you are are not awarer that most people who get the coronavirus in their 20's dont get very sick.

    BTW, Which company do you work for?   this is a private forum BTW, your employer wont find out if you say.

    EDIT- Let me add this- in the state of oregon if you work a shift that is 4 to 5.99 hours you are eltilted to a 15 minute PAID break. If you work a shift that is between 6 and 7.5 hours you are entitled to a 15 minute PAID break PLUS a 30 minute UNPAID lunch, Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Shut up whining and be grateful you have a job. A lot of people don't have one and would jump at the chance to be employed. 

  • Jane
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Check your contract regarding breaks, their commitment to minimum hours, and giving notice. Your experience is common and, on the whole, lawful in the retail, hospitality and many other sectors, and they are accustomed to employing young people and students who expect to have a plan and move on in their careers. So they are less interested in retention of employees in usual times, and now especially given economic uncertainty.Your best plan is your own ( move on from the sense of things being unfair and take more control)- if you are looking for flexible work hours to fit with further study, then retail and hospitality sector employers are a common go-to to earn some cash. Some will offer progression and training, so be picky and well-researched if you see these large sectors as your future. If you plan further study commitments to build on your high average, then you need careers advice so that you can make effective choices.

    Just a quick note on what you do right now- it is possible that you will not find better conditions elsewhere in the short term, so if you need cash, don't quit before you know that you have a better job to go to. 

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  • Grow up. Just be grateful you have a job. There are about 40 million Americans who'd die to have your job. You sound like an ungrateful little brat. You probably will be working in retail for quite a while as seeing the economy has turned into total mush right now. 

  • Eva
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You haven't worked much have you?  Their break policy is normal.  Getting sent home early when it isn't busy is normal.  Everything you are complaining about is normal in retail and fast food.  If you have just started in the work force and don't have any marketable skills, this is what you're going to have to do if you want to earn money.

  • 1 month ago

    5 hours entitles you legally to one 15 minute unpaid break. 6 hours gives you an unpaid 15 minute break and a 30 minute paid lunch hour.  8 hour shifts get two 15 minute breaks unpaid and the half hour lunch.

  • You need a serious reality check. You usually don't get a 30 minute break if you're only working 5 hrs. If this is retail, sorry to tell you but most retail jobs are like that. I've worked a lot of retail jobs, I spent 10 years in retail. 30 minute breaks aren't typically payed (you have to clock out and clock in if you get a 30 minute break, even if you're full time) and they're usually only for people that work more then 5 hrs. Don't expect any one to pay you for a 30 minute break. 

    With covid some people cut hours, if business isn't going well and or to clean the place. Also they have to limit capacity so people can physically distance them selves. At least they have a line out the door, if that's happening regularly they may not be closing down any time soon. 

    If you're not full time you're not likely going to get a 30 minute break (I never did when I worked part time), but you may get a 15 minute break after working 5 hrs. Breaks are nothing to wine about and quit over, either you do your job or you quit. Not all businesses have a break room, you have to find some where to take a break. Maybe try bringing a lunch, and listening to some music to try to drown out the noise, or go outside. You don't have to give them a reason, just tell them you're giving you're 2 weeks notice and you're not coming back.

  • 1 month ago

    What do you care? They may terminate you as soon as you give them your notice

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're quitting, why give them a reason?

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