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Anyone who has used Krav Maga in a real life fight?

The best way to know if something would really work is to test it.  

So alot of people say Krav Maga is good.

However, alot of these people have never used it in real life.

I wanna know if it would work in a real life fight.

So is there anyone who has used krav maga in a real life fight?  Can you tell me more about how much it helped you?

P.S. if you ever got into a real life fight and had to use a DIFFERENT fighting style, can you tell me what it was and how much it helped?

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    If you practice one self defense move over and over until your an expert then yes I hope I never have to rip out eyeballs or bite your nose off but if it's life or death yes

  • KaleyK
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    1 month ago

    My father was a strong advocate of Krav Maga but not to the exclusion of other forms of unarmed combat.  For context, my father was a Marine officer for 26 years, most of that time spent as an infantry officer in the Feet Marine Force but he also spent eight years teaching small arms and MCMAPS at Quantico.  A few years after he retired my father got in to an altercation with 3 gentlemen all at least 20 years younger than him.  For 10 minutes-or-so my father tripped, flipped, or leveraged the three men to the ground.  The three punched, kicked, and grabbed but to no avail.  My father never struck them, just continually threw them to the ground ... pretty much laughing the entire time.  My mother and I watched ... my mother angry, me just scared for my dad.  My father explained later that Krav Maga provides the needed aggression, targeting, and concentration to deal with multiple opponents.  Krav Maga techniques allowed him to "slow down" their attacks and respond accordingly.  He knew if the three ever became a serious threat he could have seriously hurt or killed all three of them.  My father always gave great credit to the mental training aspects of Krav Maga. 

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    Yes, we droves of Israeli Mossad agents monitor Yahoo Answers just so we can answer your questions about the specific brand of martial arts our spy agency developed by compiling the most effective elements of the world's martial arts styles and teaches to its operatives as well as to Israeli military special forces units. Now I could tell you how well it works, but then I'd have to kill you.

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