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Weird question about cat food?

So i recently got a new bag of kit n kaboodle and noticed the new one has a noticable size difference in the cat food as compared to my old bag. The old had a bigger size while the new food is smaller and also slightly thin. Is this typical for this brand sometimes? Ive never seen the food look that way before 


Also i shouldve added its the same cat food brand just a newly bought bag, thats why its a concern to me due to it never appearing so thin and small

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  • 4 weeks ago

    NO its the manufactors changing EVERYTHING to larger size and less of it or to smaller size and less of it pay attention to your foods you buy small packages and less inside same for pet supplies taking our bucks for less items .

  • Da
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    4 weeks ago

    The bag I have (I rarely feed them this because I feed them Soulistic Canned food and Hills Perfect Diet) are kind of big morsels. They're rather large for cat food. My cats don't like eating big chunks, even if its tuna

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