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Is HKVP9 better gun compared to Ruger American 9mm?

I have a HKVP9sk. It’s a very reliable gun and accurate.  Sometimes I question if is really any better than a Ruger American which cost less.  The insides of most striker hand guns look the same. Are you really paying for quality or the name

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    Ruger makes a fine gun, but they're not in the same class as HK, especially when you compare their entry level American series pistol to the VP9 series. Looking the same and being the same are two different things. 

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    The VP9 has been around longer and it has an unblemished track record.  The HKs and the VP9 probably supply many more police and military users than the Ruger.  I can't speak for the Ruger, but mechanically

    the HK has a pretty good trigger out of the box, and (unlike my P320) I have never considered a trigger upgrade for the VP9

    For the average owner that puts their gun in the dresser drawer and maybe only takes to the range once every year or two, there are probably no practical difference.   Anyone deciding between the two should take the opportunity to test fire them in the range (maybe along with a PPQ M2, a P320, an M&P, an XDM, and a Glock) before making a final decision.  Shooting the Ruger feels better, then by all means go for it and save the money for ammo.

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