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Falling in love with a ghost dream?

I had the weirdest dream that iwas at my aunts house and got a weird text and iwas texting back and it was a ghost texting me apparently i couldnt see it but it was a him and that was his only way of communicating thru texting so we kept texting and talking and i fell in love with him and he sent me pics of when he was alive but idont even remember what he looked like and apparently he was my soulmate but died too young before we could meet and he would just around me and icant see him. And he said he’ll wait for me in the afterlife so we can be together. How weird what does that mean?

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  • Rich
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    4 weeks ago

    This is dangerous. When people die they go either to heaven or hell, but they don't stay around communicating with people. 

    What happens is demons pretend to be those people, they steal their identity and pretend to mean well and will say exactly what you would like to hear so they can win you over. Satan is a deceiver.

    Once they have you hooked to communicating with them they get a legal right to come into your house and into your bedroom. These are the kind of things that lead to night terrors and sleep paralysis.

    Your dream is probably a warning that this is in the works or coming your way. Please, call on the name of Jesus Christ and reject any such attempt from the other side to communicate with you.

    Repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart instead.

    Darkness is spreading over this country and this world, and more and more demons are released to deceive / attack people.

    Don't let them get you. They want to destroy you.

    Run to Jesus now while there is time. Soon it will be too late for many.

  • 4 weeks ago

    I don't think that dream is weird a all. I interpret your dream in this way.  You know someone whom you would like to fall in love with now in your real Life.  ,But you are afraid of rejection, so you make him unavailable to you by creating him as a ghost, in your dreams.  You can love him,  but you can't be with him, or love him a human way.      .  

  • Tasm
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    4 weeks ago

    Those are called Incubus or succubus or something. Apparently they can be dangerous. 

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