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I need help, but they won't help.?

I need someone to help me with this terrible writer's block and I need to help them get out of a place by next monday to help me. Does anyone know someone in black and blue from 2003 that can help me. That probably would tell someone to "get another boyfriend" and help this person get help, please.

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    I don't believe in writer's block, although it's a handy excuse for not having an idea worth the bother.

    To get ideas, get physical and away from other people. Go for a jog or a walk and think, reining it in for fresh ideas. Get on a swing. Play "what if" with people and things you see. What if I fell right here and broke my leg? What if that homeless guy was a doctor before he had these mental health problems and offered to reset it? What if I just kept walking, how long before anyone would call the police?

    Usually you can come up with something, even if it has to conform to some theme or concept.

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    Your question makes no sense at all.

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    1 month ago

    The situation you used to explain your question makes no sense to me.

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    Some psychoactive substances should get that rid of that writers block right away! 

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