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Did I get an std or am I overthinking it? ?

So I had Intercourse with a sex worker and now I’m paranoid. It was a one time thing, I used a condom. But now I’m paranoid. I feel like my penis is warm. I don’t have any other symptom. It doesn’t burn when I pee or nothing besides me feeling slight discomfort and it feels warm. No pain or anything. Should I be worried or am I good? This happened exactly 1 month ago. (I tend to overthink and get paranoid) 

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  • Stds like herpes and genital warts can be passed even if condoms are used. These infections can affect areas of the genitals that are not protected by a condom.

    If you're concerned about it possible go see them, or call them.

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    Go get tested if you're worried about it.

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