What would be the fastest operational system for a "weak" PC?

With windows 10 everything lags. I want to use the PC mainly for desktop work, so mostly writing. 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Linux Mint Mate or Ubuntu Mate, plus 4 gb ram, and a SSD will get it as fast as it will go.

    I have 3 laptops 10-12 years old. All Intel Core 3 1st gen processors with 4 gb ram. 1 runs windows 10 the other 2 run Linux Mint Mate. The Linux computer runs faster and better than the Windows 10 computer, and one of the Linux Machines has a SSD and it runs at lightspeed compared to the other.

    There is also a lighter Linux Mint XFCE and Xubuntu, and even lighter Lubuntu.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Windows 10 is less likely to cause 'lag' than other Microsoft operating systems. The problem is probably that your computer is not powerful enough.  Some people may suggest adding an SSD (solid state hard drive) but the real benefit of that when doing normal 'office' type work is that it speeds boot-up and shut down. For normal use, a conventional hard drive is a lot faster than you will ever need. 

    Adding RAM to your computer might help if you only have, say, 4 Gb of RAM at present.  Bringing it up to 8 Gb is likely to show some improvement. The main stumbling block is likely to be your CPU (the main processor in your computer). Without replacing your motherboard for something with a faster processor and more RAM, all you can really do is make space on your computer by removing or disabling all the things that are running but that you do not really use. You should also defragment your hard drive (there are apps on your computer to do this). Sadly, there comes a time when a new computer is the best solution.

    My brothers use versions of the LINUX operating system which they tell me works well with 'lower spec' computers. I tried it but didn't get on well with it because it seems less well integrated than Windows. You need to download 'loaders' and 'installers' unless you are happy to live with the suite of office/graphics/web browsing programs that come as standard with the version of LINUX you use. You CAN download a version that you never need to change or add to so I accept it can be straightforward.

  • A.J.
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    4 weeks ago

    describe your hardware for best advice.

    Windows 10 has advantages.

    You need sufficient ram and an SSD.

    If you don't know what you have, install SPECCY and Belarc and state what you have.

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