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should I replace my xbox one x blu ray drive or just send it in to microsoft?

it started making the grinding noise of death after a disc was jammed and I tried to remove it with a paperclip and that seemed to ruin it it is just over 1 year old and I have barely used it but didn't buy any warranty from best buy because I assumed that there would be no issues because it was the 3rd and last revision of the xbox one

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    As it is outside the warranty try contacting Microsoft anyway. An optical drive shouldn’t fail that fast so they might offer a goodwill repair. 

    Usually you still have to pay for shipping and if they find that failure was caused by misuse (such as spillages, foreign object damage or by typical signs of moving the console whilst the disc was spinning) then they’ll charge for the repair. 

    Alternatives would be to use an independent repairer or to look on YouTube for instructional guides on diagnosing and fixing the fault yourself: sometimes a whole optical drive is needed, sometimes it’s just parts which commonly fail such as the optical head assembly which need changing.

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    Why bother sending it to microsoft? They wont care. Its outside their 1 year warrenty, and it stopped working because of something you did anyway. 

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