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How do you give yourself a suppository for pain or an enema when you're in pain and can't do it and you were denied Home Health Care?

If I have a really bad migraine or really bad pain elsewhere in my body sometimes I will take a Tylenol suppository because it honestly helps with my pain a lot faster and better than oral medication. And sometimes if I can't go to the bathroom because of some health problems I have I try an enema every once in a blue moon if I have to go to the bathroom and I can't on my own. Problem is I have medical problems that make me have pain all over my body, and sometimes the pain is so bad that I'm like crying in pain, and a lot of the pain is in my back so it's hard for me to like get in the right position for take the medication or enema. I I ask my doctor for home health care so that I could get some help when needed especially for my breathing. He said yes he will definitely let me have that but every organization that was called for me told me I wasn't allowed to have home health care because I went out to physical therapy to fix my knee problem and that was against the rules. How do you take a suppository or an enema when you are in so much pain that you can't do it yourself and you don't have any help to do it either?

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    An lot of us insert suppositories on a daily basis for hemmerhoids. If you can use your right hand try this.

    Pants down, sit on the edge of your bed, lie back with your legs apart  in the air and insert suppositorie.  Sit up and clench buttocks and it will go up.

    As for an enema I would use a laxative.


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    Sounds like you may need to hire a person to do your bidding!

    And we wonder why health care is so expensive.

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