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Is it safe to stay at a hotel for five days on vacation?

My job is encouraging us to use our vacation time, but I feel like I’d be wasting them staying home because of the lockdown, since I’m home anyway (with the exception of working one day a week until further notice).  Whatever vacation days I don’t use by the end of the year, I lose half of them.  So in retrospect, I can understand why it’s encouraged that I use them.  Are there any safe vacations I can take?  I don’t want to be home, but instead far away where I can’t just suddenly go to work during vacation.  I want to make those days worth it, since I’ve been off from work, anyway while working one day a week.  Any suggestions?


Since I’ll be on vacation, I won’t be on call.  Therefore, I want to make myself unavailable.

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  • Edna
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    4 weeks ago

    That sounds relaxing, but somewhat boring. You'll be doing the same things in a hotel room during the day that you do when you're at home - watching TV, reading, or whatever you usually do while you're home.

    Go ahead and spend 5 days in a first-rate hotel, if you think you can afford the huge bill. While you're at it, you might as well add to the bill and order all your meals delivered to your room by room service. That way, you wouldn't even need to get dressed and go down to the dining room. Of course, you'll have to tip the room service guy and the maid who cleans your room each of those 5 days.

    If you want to make yourself unavailable, tell the desk to not put through any telephone calls to your room and don't tell your employer where you'll be staying while you're on vacation.

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    Before you leave for vacation, try to find Lysol or Clorox wipes at supermarkets. Of course, the furniture and bathroom will be wiped by the person who services your room.I traveled into 7 states for my companies, and I always carried cans of Lysol if I was driving, but tread safety if I carried a can of Lysol spray in my travel bags. Then, I would spray Lysol onto thick paper towels  on both sides and place inside a Zip-Lok plastic bags and wipe-down the hotel room.


  • edward
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    1 month ago

    I go to the lake house.  Been going every weekend since lock down.  Turned on the water and been having a blast spending my weekends with my family at the lake.  Maybe there is something similar where you live.  Like an hour or two drive away from the city with Air BNB or something?

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    It probably depends a lot on where you go.  Staying in a hotel, in general, is consider low risk as is staying in a rental property.  You can choose to bring your own wipes and disinfectant and not have staff enter your room while you are there (no daily cleaning service).  

    The risk comes from interacting with other people, so you need to consider how the hotel is dealing with check-in, elevators, etc. Note that many do not have any meal/restaurant services for their guests.  

    The bigger issue is that there really isn't anything to DO once you go somewhere that isn't a lot higher risk.  Pools, beaches, museums, or any activity where you encounter a lot of other people, is where you are most likely to risk infection.  

    You're best bet might be to go to a place where you can engage in somewhat isolated outdoor activities that are lower risk (hiking, tennis) and where you are staying in a separated structure where you don't have to share a lobby or hallway.  

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  • 1 month ago

    You do not say what country you are in, but I assume you are in the US where you would be insane to go to a hotel. There is a pandemic going on, but a lot of americans are ignoring it, which is why they have the most cases in the world. 

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    They recently checked a couple of five star hotels in New York City and found they did not always change the sheets after one party checked out and before the next checked in.  The TV remotes and phones were all filthy. Like everything and anything in today's world you just don't know.  Some hotel management checks up on the help and some is less hands on.  I have reason that I need to travel and I am putting it off for as long as I possibly can.

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