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Clicking sound when speaking ? ?

Hello, I was sitting down reading a text out loud when I heard "clicks" when I finished a sentence and caught my breath. I wouldn't be able to describe the exact sound, as I was concentrated on the text and didn't pay attention to it until it happened 3/4 times. I checked my surroundings to see if it wasn't anything around me; the chair, the chair brushing against the desk, my bracelets brushing against my phone case.. and i ruled everything out, I was not moving the chair, and my bracelets don't reach my phone. It felt like the clicking came from my stomach area? or chest? I'm not sure. But I tried talking some more, while sitting in the same position, changing my position, standing up. But nothing happened. I tried inhaling & exhaling deeply to check if it wasn't happening while I was breathing, but it didn't happen again either. I am really curious though, what could've caused the clicking ? My heart started racing afterwards but that must be because I am more than slightly paranoid, and it scared me haha.. P.S: I am aware if the mouth is dry or whatever the saliva can start making "clicking" sounds but it really didn't sound or seem like it was coming from there. If i could describe the sound, maybe like water droplets falling ? Something like that. 

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    Apart from salivating while dehydrated, the cause is probably suction. When air is squeezed out from between the tongue and either roof or bottom of the mouth, and then quickly reintroduced when the tongue moves, it makes a clicking sound. Try moistening your mouth, putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, sucking all the air out from between them (this will create pressure that might be a little uncomfortable if you hold it for too long) and then moving your tongue either back or down, and listen for the sound.

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