my portable AC draws 1200 watts, can a PSU/APC help if so what specs.?

i live in an old house and the outlets can't seem to handle the  draw from the device and the circuit breakers  trigger  after  around 15 minutes of use.

i was wondering if  an uninterruptible power supply would be able to permit me to use the device for around  one hour and moderate the power draw from the outlet, or is the  outlet the bottleneck altogether

my computer and tv draw around 600+watts,

but if they are turned off, sometimes the  air cooler unit lasts a little bit longer.

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  • 2 months ago
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    No, they are not suitable for that type of use. They are only intended to keep something running for a few minutes to bridge a short power interruption or allow things to be shut down without a sudden power loss.

    They typically give about ten minutes or less at full load - and you would need a massive one to run an AC unit of that size, probably $1000 or more.

    Plus it would need new sets of [expensive] batteries on a regular basis if they were regularly run flat.

    You need an electrician to look at the wiring and see what the real ratings and capabilities are.

    You may need nothing more than some new breakers, if the wiring is adequate.

  • 2 months ago

    Replace your A/C with those 600W type is the best solution.  PSU could not support 1200W draw, most of them are under 600W  storage capacity ,  it only support power 600W drain in less than 1 hour. 

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